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© Getty Images, Foto: Luis Alvarez

Café Bilderbuch

Cosy like at grandma's

Make yourself comfortable. With its expansive seating, patterned sofas and wall-high bookshelves, the Café Bilderbuch (café picturebook) in Akazienstraße looks like something out of grandma's picture book. A floor-to-ceiling arched window allows daylight to flood into the vestibule, while a few steps further up opens up into another large room with numerous cosy seating areas. You can relax under retro lights on a plush wing chair with a book or spend a few cosy hours with a friend in the seating area next door. In addition to coffee and freshly baked cakes and tarts, savoury dishes are also on the changing daily menu. There is also a regular programme of cabaret, readings and piano music.