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Bruno-H. Bürgel Sternwarte

Looking at the stars from the public observatory

For more than 25 years, there has been a public observatory in the former customs house at the border checkpoint. This observatory is still largely run by amateur astronomy enthusiasts. They created this observatory piece by piece, building an auditorium, a library, a gallery and a workshop to build your own telescope. In 2005, the members built a 61 centimetre Cassegrain telescope as a prototype optimised for visual observation and which is now the largest and most powerful telescope is Berlin. Regular public sky observations, workshops, lectures on astronomy topics and excursions are offered.

Celestial observations for bigger kids, too

The Bruno H. Bürgel Observatory works with astronomical research institutes such as the Astronomical Institute of Potsdam to offer lectures for older children interested in current astronomical research. In addition, kids who are interested can also, of course, participate in sky-watching, which takes place in clear weather on the Hahneberg. Solar observation tours are offered in the summer months on Fridays from 5 pm.