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Britzer Mühle in Berlin
Britzer Mühle © Bezirksamt Neukölln

Britzer Mühle

A Dutch windmill in Britzer Garten

On the edge of the Britzer Garten, the 20-metre-high Dutch windmill rises above a large orchard.

Built in 1865, the twelve-sided mill is now a listed building. It is one of the last fully functioning windmills in Berlin. If there is sufficient wind, the mill is used to grind flour, which is an impressive spectacle. But even on less windy days the windmill is worth a visit. Guided tours explain in detail the mill's operation and architecture. The adjacent miller's house (Müllerhaus) has been used as a restaurant since May 1987. A large beer garden is a great place to relax in the summer.

Opening hours (additional information)
Sundays and public holidays 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Winterpause bis 31.03.