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Britzer Mühle in Berlin
Britzer Mühle © Bezirksamt Neukölln

Britzer Mühle

A Dutch windmill in Britzer Garten

The Britzer Mühle is one of the last fully functioning windmills in Berlin. The 20-metre-high Dutch windmill is located on the edge of the Britzer Garten in the middle of a large orchard. Built in 1865, the twelve-sided mill is now a listed building.  When there is enough wind, flour is still ground here.

The newly renovated Britz Mill has a long tradition. It is one of only two fully functioning mills left in Berlin and anyone who has always wanted to know how flour is milled can look over the miller's shoulder on Sundays and public holidays.

During guided tours, which are offered on Sundays and public holidays during the mill season from April to the end of October, the functioning and architecture of the mill are explained in detail.  
Fresh bread and flour can be bought on site every Friday between 12 and 5 pm and Saturday between 11 am and 4 pm. Those who like even more can enjoy a mixture of international, regional as well as seasonal delicacies in the adjacent Müllerhaus, which has been used as a restaurant of the same name since May 1987. And in summer, the large beer garden invites you to linger.
By the way: right next to the Britzer Mühle there is also access to the Britzer Garten.  

The history of the mill

The twelve-sided mill was built in 1865/66 by the mill master Johann Wilhelm Gottlob Dörfer. Just eight years later, the mill master sold the mill and the entire inventory to Karl Albert August Stechan, who was also a mill master.  

Leased to the mill master Franz Bensdorf, the mill already had a boiler in 1925 and a diesel engine in 1936. Partially destroyed during the war, it is listed as a historical monument in 1955 and restored three years later. In addition to the construction of the wings and the walkway, the mill was re-roofed with wooden shingles that year.

The mill is included in the concept for the 1985 Federal Garden Show in the Britz Garden: The Britzer Mühle is now renovated and the miller's house is rebuilt according to the original design.

In 1988, the Britzer Mühle resumes operation as one of two still fully functional windmills in Berlin.

Opening hours (additional information)
Bread sale (in the mill season) Friday between 12am and 5pm, Saturday between 11am and 4pm
Guided tours     Sundays and public holidays between 11am - 4pm (without registration)