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 Athletic man on a bouldering wall
Man on a bouldering wall © Getty Images, Foto: sanjeri


At Boulderworx, children can develop an undreamed-of sense of their own bodies.

Kids aim high! No tree or hill is a high enough obstacle for them. Bouldering is free-climbing, but with a net and double floor. Although the climbers aren't attached to a rope to stop them from falling, thick mats on the floor protect them from being injured, thus allaying the worries of parents.

Learning through play

Boulderworx offers courses for children of various ages, where they can learn sequences of movements, which are sometimes very complex, in a fun way while climbing. Though bouldering is an individual sport, it's more communicative than you might think, since it involves discussing routes and exchanging advice. So children achieve their first successes quickly, which spur them on to the next challenge. Outside peak times, an hour of bouldering costs from €5 during the week and from €7 at the weekend.