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Blue Man Group in Berlin
Blue Man Group in Berlin © Stage Entertainment Germany

Blue Man Group

Men in Blue

Anyone expecting a peaceful night out should look elsewhere. The show offers rocking percussion, entertaining comedy, and intense bursts of colour. Since 2004, the Blue Men have been captivating audiences in Berlin - celebrating one of the most successful long-run shows in the city. You even might become part of the show - be surprised and engage while the Blue Men reinvent themselves again and again.


The Stage Bluemax Theater on Potsdamer Platz was designed exclusively for the Blue Man Group. The technology has been custom-tailored to the artists to ensure a consistently high-quality entertainment experience. The theatre can accommodate more than 600 people in the audience and enjoys the best public transport connections.

An idea from overseas

The Blue Man Group concept came from the United States, more specifically, New York City, home to the modern musical. Three drummers who were friends decided to join forces to develop a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience unlike any that had been seen before. After years of success in America, the idea made its way to Europe where the group had its Berlin première on Europe Day 2004 on Potsdamer Platz - and still surprise us today with ever new ideas and show elements.

A Special Experience

Bluemax Theater: Blue Man Group

Audience interaction is a central focus of the show. As soon as you enter the Stage BLUEMAX Theatre, you'll be right in the middle of it and very close to it, with new technologies such as virtual reality and current topics relating to social media and connectivity also increasingly finding their way into the show - in a way that you definitely won't expect!

The unique combination of multimedia, science, music, art, and the unavoidable strangeness of the blue men all converge to draw you under their spell. Another feature are the instruments especially developed for the Blue Man Group. The Blue Man Group uses them throughout the night's performance with the support of a live band, offering fun for adults, school classes and children. Because the performers rely almost exclusively on non-verbal communication, this is the perfect show for visitors from Germany and from around the world.