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11 top tips for free summer activities

For free in Berlin

Landwehrkanal in Berlin
Summer at the Landwehrkanal © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

If you visit the capital in summer, you can explore famous sights by bike in good weather. Numerous parks and green areas invite you to relax and picnic, and lakes provide sufficient refreshment. Enjoy the twilight on the Spree during the warm summer nights. Maybe you can also listen to one or the other street musician or join one of the many free events under the open sky. With our 11 top tips you can enjoy the summer in Berlin for free.

Please follow the current distance and hygiene measures for all activities.

Tip 1: Wissensstadt Berlin 2021

Exterioir view Berliner Town Hall with the fontain
Exterior view Berliner Town Hall © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

As part of the open-air exhibition around the Red City Hall (Rotes Rathaus), the "Wissensstadt Berlin 2021" (Berlin as city of science and research) will be presented. Be there when exciting future topics such as the time after Corona, climate change or new ways of urban living are discussed. In addition to panel discussions and live talks with experts, there will science slams, cinema and an interesting children's programme. At the same time, an anniversary exhibition in the Rotes Rathaus will give you an insight into the life and work of two Berlin scientists who would have celebrated their 200th birthdays this year: the physiologist and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz and the doctor and politician Rudolf Virchow.

Tip 2: Explore Berlin along the new U5 Museum Line

Directly in front of Berlin City Hall: Stairway of the U5 station Berliner Rathaus
Berliner Rathaus underground station by night © Foto: A.Reetz-Graudenz



And while you're at the Rotes Rathaus, why not hop on Berlin's new museum line, the U5? Not only can you discover all the attractions in the heart of the city, but you can also travel directly out into the countryside. It takes exactly 41 minutes to get from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Berlin Hönow on the U5. We have put together an overview for you to decide which attractions you are particularly interested in. You can learn exciting background stories about all the places in our ABOUT BERLIN app. For example, why there was once an animal arms race between the Berlin Zoo and the Tiergarten in the eastern part of the city. 

Download ABOUT BERLIN for free!

In the App Store now: Download ABOUT BERLIN In the Google Play Store now: Download ABOUT BERLIN

Tip 3: Berlin - a Giant Open Air Museum

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
Haus der Kulturen der Welt © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

From ancient works to quirky modernism and, of course, lots of street art, Berlin has plenty of art and culture to offer in its public spaces. Discover sculptures, such as this work by Henry Moore in front of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. In fact, Berlin is a huge open-air museum, a gigantic open-air gallery. We've put together the best highlights for an art-historical foray through the city, where sculptors, architects, artists and contemporary artists have played a major role in shaping urban space.

More information about Berlin, capital of sculptures 

Tip 4: Bathing fun at the lakes of the capital

Berlins Baths and Lakes
Berlins Baths and Lakes ©

Natural lakes with sandy beaches and clear water are to be found in and around Berlin. If you feel like relaxing and refreshing after a bike tour through the city, just jump into the cool waters of Großer Müggelsee, Wannsee, Groß Glienicker See or Krumme Lanke. Snacks are available at the kiosk for refreshment, but you can also bring your own picnic. Beach volleyball is played at some bathing spots. Sometimes the water is so clean and the view so clear that you can do some snorkeling.

More  information about the lakes in Berlin

Tip 5:  Realxing in Berlin's parks

Park am Gleisdreieck
Park am Gleisdreieck © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Pick up your favourite novel and make yourself comfortable in the shade of the trees in Berlin's gardens and green spaces. You'll find secluded spots for a relaxing afternoon at the rushing waterfall in Viktoriapark on Kreuzberg, around the historic flak tower with a panoramic view in Volkspark Humboldthain or in Tiergarten. If you know a lot about wild herbs, you can collect the ingredients for your green smoothie yourself. In the Charlottenburg Palace Park, for example, goutweed, cinquefoil, nettle and cornel cherries grow.

More information about parks and gardens in Berlin

Tip 6: Radioeins summer open air at the Frannz-Club

Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Kulturbrauerei Berlin © TLG-Immobilien

Until the 6 August you can watch live how a radio show is created while enjoying the evening sun and a cool drink. The Frannz-Club's beer garden will be transformed into an open-air radio studio again this summer - and you can be part of it. Musical live acts and exciting interview partners await you every evening. Tickets are free of charge, but must be reserved in advance in order not to exceed a maximum number of visitors.

When: Monday - Friday from 6 pm, Saturday from 12 pm, Sunday from 5 pm

Where: Frannz-Club at the  Kulturbrauerei, Schönhause Allee 36, Prenzlauer Berg

More information about the radioseins summer open air

Tip 7: Music everywhere

Chill out with music at Berlin Mauerpark
Chill out with music at Berlin Mauerpark © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

From (almost) professional artists to recreational musicians, whose performances are much more about entertainment than music, Berlin has it all. Many cafés currently invite artists to entertain their guests in the open air. It's also worth keeping your eyes open during your next walk through the neighbourhood: In many train stations, in public places and on mayn bridges in the city there are places where playing music is permitted. The short stay will slow down and bring a smile to your face.

Top 11 Bridges in Berlin

Tip 8: Berlin by Bike

Group of cyclists cycling through Berlin in summer
Cycling in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Environmentally friendly, sporty and out in the fresh air - the only thing you can talk about is a bike. Bicycles are currently experiencing a real hype, and we will show you the best places to use your favourite leisure sports equipment. Each of Berlin's districts offers cycling routes for every level of difficulty, leading along the major highlights, a lot of street art,  but also off the beaten track. Sports enthusiasts can also venture on great tours that lead through the whole city. Of course, you can also split up the long routes and explore them in sections. So onto the saddles, ready, go!

More information about bike tours in Berlin

Tip 9: Evenings at the Spree

Insel der Jugend
Insel der Jugend © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Our top tip for your relaxed, free summer in Berlin is the Spreeufer. Pack up drinks, a few treats, music and the picnic blanket - this is your way to relax on the banks of the Spree. Look for your favourite spot, for example at the small canals or a shady bridge. During the day you can sunbathe on the bank and stretch your feet in the water to cool off. In the evening you can enjoy a cool drink with a view of the river and the city's buildings, and the sunset is free of charge. Please take care to keep the minimum distance between each other.

More information about places along the Spree

Tip 10: Outdoor Gym & Yoga

Doing Yoga
Doing Yoga © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

There are thousands of ways you can let off steam outside in the summer. And Berlin has at least as many places for each of them. Of course you can just move your home workout to a grassy area in the park. But there are even more professional ways to bring your workout in the nature very close to the gym: in the so-called Calisthenics Parks you can arrange your workout as varied as you want. The one or other inspiration from other athletes is on top - there is no chance of boredom. If you like it a little more extensive, you can also visit the well-tried "Trim-you-Paths". These are also hidden everywhere in and around Berlin.

More information about Calisthenics

Tip 11: Enjoy the sunset over Berlin

View from Elsebrücke while the sun sets to Oberbaumbrücke and TV Tower
View from the Elsebrücke © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

End your day in Berlin with a cool drink at sunset. Although the sun doesn't sink into the sea here, the backdrop of the horizon in Berlin is very diverse. Whether you're looking for a great photo motif or just want to enjoy the magic of the moment, together with our wonderful community we've put together the best spots to watch the sunset in Berlin for you.

Top 11 places to watch the sunset in Berlin


During all activities, please always follow the current hygenic measures and always keep the minimum distance.

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