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Berliner Waldmuseum and Waldschule Grunewald (Forestry Museum and School)

Forestry education for city children

Please note: Closures or changed opening hours during the COVID pandemic can be found on the website.

Since 1973, the forestry museum and school in Berlin Grunewald has been teaching about nature and environmental protection, but also providing informal education about forests and forestry to young people. Children and teenagers can sign up for 2-4 hour classes in sustainable environmental protection at the forestry school. The forestry museum shows the forest biosphere in two large dioramas with our native animals, birds' nests, various pine cones and tree species.

Interactive learning

Kids learn by answering trivia questions, crossing a barefoot path and feeling around mysterious secret boxes filled with finds from the forest. They can get a close-up view of the smallest creatures of the forest with the stereo microscopes. Families can also participate in the Voices of the Night night hike; experienced guides will help you learn to recognize the animals of the night such as nightingales, foxes and tawny owls from a different perspective. The museum also offers family forest days. The Forest Museum is reserved for groups of children on school days. On Sunday, the house is open to individual visitors.

Opening hours (additional information)

The exhibition is open to individual visitors and families as follows:
Tue - Fri: 10 - 15 o'clock
Every 1st Sunday of the month
Closed on public holidays. If the 1st Sunday falls on a public holiday, the Sunday opening time is postponed by one week.
Group visits and guided forest tours by appointment only.