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Berliner S-Bahn Museum

An S-Bahn trip into the past

Expected to be closed until 2022

Please note: The current opening and closing hours and special hygiene rules for the Covid-19 are available on this website.

What does the ‘S’ in S-Bahn stand for, and who invented the S-Bahn? Why are all the wagons ocre-red? These and more questions on and about Berlin’s city rail will be answered at the S-Bahn Museum. Old ticket booths and notice boards provide an insight into the historical development, while actual sections of track, signals, and even a drive simulator breathe life into the inner workings. Visitors are expected to use all their senses during their visit at the S-Bahn-Museum and extensive subterranean S-Bahn network at Griebnitzsee! Visitors get a chance to experience first-hand, what rail travel was like 100 years ago: there is a ticket booth from great-grandma’s times, when a ticket set you back just a haypenny. A historical drive simulator gives visitors the opportunity to become train engineers, and many other fully functioning contraptions invite hands-on test runs.