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Remains of the Berlin Wall
Remains of the Berlin Wall ©; Foto: Yuriz

Berlin Wall Memorial in Berlin-Reinickendorf

80 metres of original Wall

The rediscovered section stands opposite Schönholz S-Bahn station, in Berlin's Reinickendorf district. Although it is hard to miss, people thought it was just an ordinary wall in the decades after reunification. A hobbyist discovered the remnant and it has now been officially confirmed that this actually was a part of the former Berlin Wall.

This section was nearly forgotten for over a quarter century since the district it fell in was unclear. Until 1988, this section of the Wall was in the Pankow district, but after district boundaries were shifted, it was assigned to Reinickendorf.
The Wall was built by the East German government in the 1960s. Due to a shortage of materials, an old garden wall on Schützenstraße belonging to houses destroyed in the Second World War was used for this stretch of the Berlin Wall. The brick wall was later integrated into the barrier system, its height raised, and topped with barbed wire.

Most parts of the first-generation Berlin Wall were later replaced by a second-generation barrier system which was much more massive. But the section by the Schönholz S-Bahn station was preserved in its original form.

The wall remains in Reinickendorf are now listed building and have been fenced off to protect it from souvenir hunters.

How to reach the Reinickendorf Wall Memorial:

  • Take the S26 from Friedrichstraße (direction Waidmannslust) to Schönholz; OR
  • Take the U8 from Alexanderplatz (direction Wittenau) to Gesundbrunnen, then transfer to the S1 (direction Oranienburg) to Schönholz