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Conference Hall at BCC Berlin Alexanderplatz
Conference Hall at BCC Berlin Alexanderplatz © bcc, Foto: Gerald Schmidt

bcc Berlin Congress Center

Functionality and Transparency on Alexanderplatz

Temporarily closed. - The ‘Haus des Lehrers’ and the adjacent congress hall, which today is home to the bcc (Berlin Congress Center), create the immediate neighbourhood of Alexanderplatz.

The building complex was constructed in the early 1960ies by architect Hermann Henselmann and focuses on functionality and transparency. The congress hall is easily recognisable by its aluminium cupola, which is also its largest function room with seats for a 1000-strong audience. Overall the congress hall has over 30 function rooms and 3000 sqm exhibition space. After a temporary closure in the 1990ies, the listed building was reopened in 2003 after extensive refurbishing under its new name bcc, they foyer of which offers an attractive view of Alexanderplatz. The neighbouring 12-storey ‘Haus des Lehrers’ is a typical example of the post-war box-like architecture, and features with its 125 meters long, the building spanning wall frieze entitled ‘Unser Leben’ (Our Life) by Walter Womacka, one of the largest pieces of art in Europe. Together, the two buildings form one of the well-known landmarks of Alexanderplatz. The two received additional attention during their refurbishment, when the light installation ‘Blinkenlights’ was installed at the ‘Haus des Lehrers’.