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Chorin Monastery
©, Foto: Juhla

Barnimer Land and Dörferweg (Villages Route)

Green Barnim and small villages

Barnim itself is located in Brandenburg, just along the northern edge of Berlin. Whether on horseback, across the water, on foot or by bike, Barnim offers many ways to discover the countryside.

Pure Nature

A well-known place for an excursion is the Grumsin beech forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where guided tours are also offered. Another highlight is the Barnim Nature Park, which attracts sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. At its centre are clear lakes that draw in water sports enthusiasts and swimmers. Numerous cycling routes and hiking trails lead through forests, marshes, open landscapes and valleys cut by small streams. The Finow Canal is the perfect spot for a stroll and you can enjoy wonderful concerts at the former Cistercian monastery at Chorin. Towns like Bernau and Eberswalde offer cultural activities, interesting tours on historical and environmental issues, and recreational fun for families. Also exciting is the eco-village of Brodowin and its origins. If you’d like to get a taste of life in the Brandenburg countryside, you can visit the farm shop at Brodowin.

The Barnimer Dörferweg

The Barnimer Dörferweg is one of the most popular cycling and hiking trails on Berlin’s north side. This route is set apart by the fact that it passes by a number of charming little villages. You’ll barely be aware that you’re still in Berlin, because these places are in sharp contrast to what you’d expect of the city. Beginning in Ahrensfelde, the trail heads past the small Gehrensee, Berlin-Falkenberg and the Wartenberg estate, home to parks with beautiful landscapes, on its way to Karow. A visit to the village church in Karow, the oldest village church still standing in Berlin is worthwhile. Nearby, nature lovers would enjoy a stop at the ponds known as the Karower Teiche. The trail then heads past Lindenhof, Blankenfelde and the natural spring known as the Osterquelle on its way to the village of Lübars. You can take a break in the local outdoor pool. From there, it’s is not far to the Hermsdorfer See, which is another good choice for a swim. The route then runs along the brook known as the Tegler Fließ, past the village of Waidmannslust on your way to the Tegler See and Alt-Tegel. The Barnimer Dörferweg runs for 33 km and can be reached via the U-Bahn station at Alt-Tegel and the S-Bahn stations of Karow, Waidmannslust and Ahrensfelde.