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Shop window of Andreas Murkudis Shop Fashion & Design
Andreas Murkudis concept store © visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Andreas Murkudis

Touching design

Andreas Murkudis has been working in the art scene for almost 15 years, directing the Museum der Dinge, a designmuseum in Berlin.

When he opened his store, he envisioned a place that is filled solely with objects and pieces that are near and dear to him. His vision was to provide a product range without limitations in any direction – to create a wide landscape of goods – or just to accumulate things that are inherently beautiful. The store is located apart from the city’s businesses, almost invisible.

The feeling of the store is driven by freedom. When our clients set foot into the space, they enjoy a maximum of liberty. This is not only owed to the generous size of the store itself; our employees grant the visitors the time and space they need to take in the experience. It is the allover picture that counts, which comes together through carefully related details, a loving attitude and the customers themselves – important is not the money spent, but that the visitors enjoy where they are and feel invited to linger and blend in. Our clients come from everywhere in the world, working in all kinds of disciplines – that is the beauty of it. The range of objects and goods is not limited to a certain spectrum – Andreas Murkudis wishes to astonish the people visiting his store. The products at the store are all but fast moving.

They do not need a shopping promenade around them - they need enough space to breathe and a quiet atmosphere to evolve. They are offered to the clients as visitors in this space, to open their perception for the products and objects - to allow them to sense their individuality. There is no special range of products – at the store you may find anything that Andreas Murkudis would love to own himself because of exceptional design, quality and aesthetics.

The 3 Berlin AM Stores:

  • AM Potsdamer Straße 77
  • AM Potsdamer Straße 81
  • AM Potsdamer Straße 98