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Photo: The Amerika Haus in Berlin an C/O Gallery
The Amerika Haus in Berlin an C/O Gallery © C/O Berlin, Foto: David von Becker

Amerika Haus Berlin

1950s building is once again a place for culture

The Amerika Haus on Hardenbergstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg was designed by architect Bruno Grimmek and built in 1956-57 as part of the International Building Exhibition.

Used for its first decades as a place for U.S.-German cultural exchange with a cinema, library and exhibition space, the house became a a source of protests against U.S. foreign policy from the 1960s. After 9/11, the security measures at Amerika Haus were upped so that only invited guests were able to visit.

C/O at Amerika Haus

In 2014, the C/O Berlin Foundation will reopen at Amerika Haus after it has moved from the Postfuhramt. The Amerika Haus will now be used to host international exhibitions of photography with works by Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Lloyd Wright and Lyonel Feininger. Since June 2013, C/O has been using open-air exhibitions to document the history of the Amerika Haus.