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Babylon Berlin: Volker Bruch als Gereon Rath
Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) © Frédéric Batier / X Filme 2017

The actors of the series Babylon Berlin

Who is who in Babylon Berlin?

For the Babylon Berlin series, the producers were able to gather a high-calibre ensemble of distinguished actors who brought the exciting stories from the novels to life.
The main character of the series is detective Gereon Rath, who solves cases in the Berlin of the late 20s and early 30s and is repeatedly caught between the front lines. The role of Gereon Rath is played by Volker Bruch. The 1980-born actor had his breakthrough with the ZDF series "Our Mothers, Our Fathers", which was awarded the International Emmy. About filming, he says "BABYLON BERLIN was a merciless glamorous ride in a fantastic carriage! So many people invested a full year in this vision with passion and love. The project won't let me go and is always with me as a fulfilling memory and breathtaking experience. I have never before been able to elevate myself in a production, both artistically and as a person and felt like I'd been given a gift (as well as being so well dressed)."

Babylon Berlin: Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries)
Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries) © Frédéric Batier / X Filme 2017

Charlotte Ritter, called Charlie, is a stenographer in the homicide department and Rath's confidant. She is played by Liv Lisa Fries. For her role in "She deserved it", Liv Lisa Fries won the Golden Camera as the best up-and-coming actress. Actor Peter Kurth plays Rath's collegue Brunio Wolter.
The legendary head of the homicide department Gennat is embodied by Udo Samel, who has a successful career in theatre and television.  Matthias Brandt is also a multi-award winning actor.  The other roles are likewise played by high-calibre actors: Lars Eidinger, Fritzi Haberlandt, Benno Führmann, Hannah Herzsprung, and Hanns Zischler are also members of the cast.

Directors and authors

The crew also included the authors and directors Tom Tykwer, Achim vom Borries, and Henk Handloegten, who together wrote and directed the scripts.  Director Tom Tykwer made his international breakthrough with his film "Run Lola Run". This was followed by The Perfume - The Story of a Murderer, The International and Cloud Atlas together with the Wachowski siblings. He also worked on the "Sense8" series with them. Borries is the director of films such as "What Is Love in Thoughts" and TV productions. He wrote the screenplay for the international co-production "Alone in Berlin". Henk Handloegten has also made a name for himself with film and television productions such as "Paul is dead" and "Sechzehneichen".