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Fairytales in Berlin
Magic Fairy Tale book © Getty Images, Foto: Eva Carollo Photography


Bookshop with a changing focus

New reading material and inspiration for unusual reading topics - in the about_bookshop you can explore books beyond your own nose with a changing thematic focus.

Changing themes for constant reading enthusiasm

If you want to really delve into a subject, about_bookshop is just the bookshop for you. The changing thematic focuses make it easy for you. In no time at all you'll find suitable books, like-minded people and even readings and events. Everything you need to really immerse yourself. By the way, immersion is the appropriate keyword for one of the thematic focuses: "The sea, the sea // The sea, the sea".

Inspiration for reading-hungry minds

The current theme (and sometimes those already past) is always written on the wall of the bookshop. This creates an exciting source of inspiration where you can get ideas for reading material. Why not read a book about "friendship", "laziness" or "shifting"? You have to take the topics as they come.
If you don't really have an idea about a topic, the people in the about_bookshop will be happy to help you. They are an ideal first port of call for your new thematic start and have book recommendations and event tips on hand for you.

So what are you waiting for? Off to the about bookshop and immerse yourself in exciting topics!