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Explore the surroundings of Berlin and its many attractions

Even if some attractions are not yet open for you, a trip to the surrounding areas of Berlin is worthwhile. Discover the beautiful landscape and enjoy what Berlin's nature has to offer. Got outdoors! We will keep you up to date. You will always find the latest information on our visitBerlin blog.

From the center of Berlin, you can quickly reach many interesting destinations on the outskirts of the city and in the surrounding area, such as the Baumkronen- und Zeitreisepfad of the Beelitz sanatorium . The former sanatorium where TB patients were cared for has existed for over 100 years. The daring can cross ruins overgrown with vegetation at a height of up to 23 meters. In the Spreewald biosphere reserve , about an hour south of Berlin, you can take a boat trip to admire the landscape dotted with small thatched houses. Near Cottbus, Prince Von Pückler-Muskau's Branitz Park was built on an old vacant lot. He is considered alandscaped masterpiece . In the castle of Branitz you will discover the life and the taste of the time of this eccentric prince.