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Magnolias tulipes en fleur au château de Pfaueninsel à Berlin
Château de l'Ile aux paons © SPSG, Foto: Michael Lüder

Pfaueninsel und Schloss Pfaueninsel

Un petit bijou dans la Havel

Note: The castle will be renovated until 2024 and is therefore closed by then.

“Like a fairy tale, an image of my childhood comes to my mind: a castle, peacocks sitting on tall branches or wheeling, fountains, shaded meadows, winding paths leading everywhere and nowhere. .. ”- this is how Theodor Fontane used to rent Pfaueninsel und Schloss Pfaueninsel (Ile aux Peacocks et château de l'Ile aux Peacocks), hidden southwest of Berlin, in the middle of Havel.

A nature reserve protected since 1924, this 1.5 km long and 0.5 km wide island is only accessible by ferry. Walkers always meet peacocks living there in freedom. Between 1794 and 1797, Frederick William II built the white castle of Ile aux peacocks, visible from afar. It was to be the culmination of a view of the New Garden - and also serve as a place of rest for the king after a boat trip as well as a nocturnal reunion with his mistress Wilhelmine Encke. The castle is flanked by two round towers connected by a wrought iron bridge and thus create the illusion of a medieval castle. In the artistically landscaped landscaped garden of Ile aux Peacocks, there are many other buildings - for example the Loulezempel, the

The latter served as a backdrop in the 1960s for several films by Edgar Wallace, for example "The door with the seven locks", "The magician" or "The castle of howling dogs".

Bac timetable:

Novembre 2023 à février 2024 tous les jours de 10h à 16h, mars 2024 tous les jours de 10h à 18h.

Courant :

Le château de Pfaueninsel est fermé

Fermeture de la laiterie de Pfaueninsel