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Top 11 Romantic Places in Berlin

Simply for falling in love

Paar auf der Oberbaumbrücke
© Getty Images, Foto: neumann und rodtmann

Berlin is at its most beautiful when experienced together. Since we know that people in love often like to enjoy spending time alone as a couple, we have set out to find the best places for cosy togetherness.

We have put together ideas for beautiful trips into nature, but also unexpectedly romantic places in the middle of Berlin, in the heart of the city.

We hope you have a romantic time!

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Tip 1: Park Glienicke

Glienicke Palace at Wannsee lake in Berlin
Glienicke Palace © visitBerlin, Foto: Tanja Koch

In the very south of Berlin, it is easy to dream of Italy: Glienicke Palace with its extensive park is built in the style of an Italian villa. Stroll through the enchanting grounds and enjoy the view over the water. The castle is still closed, but the park alone promises pure romance. And then you might as well visit the Glienicke Bridge.

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Tip 2: Monbijoupark

Bode Museum at the northern end of the Museum Island
Bode Museum at the northern end of the Museum Island © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Berlin may not have the reputation of being a romantic city like Paris or Venice, but you will find places everywhere that are perfect for a date, a walk together or just a very special moment. Some of them are even in the middle of the city, like the small Monbijoupark near Museum Island. Here you can enjoy the view of the impressive Bode Museum and the river Spree. It is especially beautiful here at the blue hour, when the sky slowly gets darker.

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Tip 3: Dicke Marie

Tree "Dicke Marie" in Tegel Forest
Tree "Dicke Marie" © BA Reinickendorf

She is Berlin’s oldest resident: Dicke Marie in Tegel Forest is over 900 years old and has experienced a lot during her lifetime. From her first crush to heartache and great love – did she go through all that? When you sit opposite the oldest Berliner, the shared memories of the hours spent together take on a whole new relevance.

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Tip 4: Insel der Jugend

Abteibrücke and Insel der Jugend in Berlin
Abteibrücke © Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. (

It is the perfect place for a picnic together! Situated directly on the banks of the Spree, a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city is the Island of Youth (Insel der Jugend) between Treptower Park and Plänterwald. Here too you will find another romantic bridge in Berlin: The Abteibrücke is the oldest steel composite bridge in Germany and the only access to the island.

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Tip 5: Klein-Venedig (Little Venice)

Klein-Venedig in Berlin
Klein-Venedig © visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

Oh l’amore! Northwest of Berlin, in the district of Spandau, lies Tiefwerder with its many meadows and canals. Welcome to Little Venice! What could be more romantic than paddling along the small waterways under the green foliage and then mooring in a secluded bay on the Havel?

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Tip 6: Neu-Venedig (New Venice)

© visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

Berlin not only has more bridges than Venice, but also a Venice twice. In the far south, in Köpenick on the Müggelspree, is the picturesque New Venice with its small canals. It is the perfect destination for a boat or canoe trip for two. And there is even a Rialto bridge here.

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Tip 7: Charlottenburg Palace & Schloßstraße

Park Schloss Charlottenburg im Frühling
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

The extensive park at Charlottenburg Palace is perfect for a stylish stroll along the baroque flower gardens. Afterwards you should stroll through the Schloßstraße with its villas and beautiful houses. Sit down, watch the inhabitants of Schloßstraße play petanque and enjoy a moment of savoir vivre.

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Tip 8: Gendarmenmarkt

Gendarmenmarkt with Konzerthaus and Französischem Dom in Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt © visitBerlin, Foto: Artfully Media, Sven Christian Schramm
Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt is quite rightly called the "most beautiful place north of the Alps". With its ensemble on the German Cathedral, the Concert Hall and the French Cathedral, it is truly a particularly beautiful place to linger and dream. Get yourself some treats from the Galeries Lafayette or the supermarket, sit down on one of the benches under the trees and enjoy a cosy picnic for two.

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Tip 9: Tegeler Fließ

Lake Tegel and Tegeler Fließ in Berlin
Lake Tegel and Tegeler Fließ © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

On a hike through the Tegeler Fliess you will encounter a herd of water buffaloes, which have made their home here. In any case, the Tegeler Fliess is an enchanted, even magical place. A worthwhile motive for a common photo is the Sechserbrücke at the Tegel harbour.

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Tipp 10: Körnerpark

Körnerpark in Berlin
Körner Park in Neukölln © Bezirksamt Neukölln

Körnerpark is an idyllic oasis in Neukölln with an orangery and a gallery where exhibitions are shown. The secluded neo-baroque park resembles a small castle complex with its flower borders, sculptures and water features.

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Tip 11: Botanischer Garten

Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
Tropenhaus im Botanischen Garten Berlin © Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Foto: I.Haas

You can enjoy the spring in all its blossom splendour in the Botanical Garden. On the extensive grounds you can take a wonderful walk and admire plants from all over the world.

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