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Top 11 Romantic Places in Berlin

Insel der Jugend
Insel der Jugend © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Anyone who’s ever fallen in love has probably experienced moments when time seems to stand still and certain locations are more likely to trigger this experience than others. That’s why, to mark the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations, we’ve put together some of the most beautiful spots for a romantic moment or two. Because we’ve fallen in love with Berlin.

Bärliner Autokino

I’ve been captivated by this experience since my first boyfriend with his own car. The special way he turns the steering wheel with the palm of one hand while putting the other behind my shoulder in the passenger seat as he backs the car into its parking space. Yes, I find that sexy. I don’t really need to say much more about romance at the drive-in cinema. Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207, 13405 Berlin

Dicke Marie

She’s Berlin’s oldest resident: Dicke Marie has lived in Tegeler Forst for more than 900 years already and has experienced so much over the centuries. From the pains of a broken heart to big declarations of love, she’s probably seen it all. As you sit across from the oldest Berliner, you become especially aware of the special time the two of you have already spent together. Alt-Tegel, 13507 Berlin

© c visumate, Foto: Sylvia Matzkowiak

Schlösser auf der Moltkebrücke

Friedrichstraße/Weidendammer Brücke

Whenever I travel from the west to the Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station, I am treated with a beautiful view of the River Spree and I barely notice the nearby Weidendammer Brücke. But when you get closer to the bridge, you’ll discover countless engraved locks that have been attached to its railing. Weidendammer Brücke, 10117 Berlin

Insel der Jugend

The perfect place for a picnic! Directly on the Spree not far from the buzz of the city is the Insel der Jugend (Isle of Youth) between Treptower Park and the Plänterwald. The Abteibrücke, the oldest steel composite bridge in Germany, is the only access to the island. Am Treptower Park 14, 12435 Berlin

Spandau’s Little Venice

Oh l’amore! In the Berlin district of Spandau, on the city’s far north-west side, lies the Tiefwerder with its meadows and canals. Bus M49 will take you almost all the way to the boat shop where you can hire a canoe and explore Spandau’s “Little Venice”. What could be more romantic than paddling along the tiny waterways between the greenery and then going ashore in a lonely bay of the River Havel? Brandensteinweg 37, 13595 Berlin


Watching the sunset from the hill in the Mauerpark is one of the most romantic things offered by Berlin. Beforehand, let the gentleman push you on the giant swing a bit closer to seventh heaven. Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin


No one knows how Friedrichshain’s Modersohnbrücke became one the city’s most romantic bridges or why lovers attach locks signifying their love. The suspended deck arch bridge doesn’t even offer flowing water underneath to sweep away the key to the locks for all eternity. But to the west, it does offer a deluxe panoramic view of the city! Modersohnbrücke, 10245 Berlin


Teufelsberg © (c) visumate

Blick von der Abhörstation Teufelsberg auf den Grunewald


Climbing up to the observation deck at the top of Berlin’s highest mountain is not without some effort, but holding hands always helps. And there are fewer people out here to spoil a special moment. Unpack your blanket, wine and snacks and enjoy the stunning views of the Grunewald. Teufelsseechaussee, 14193 Berlin


Kreuzberg’s historic Viktoriapark offers one of the richest park landscapes in Berlin. The foot of the waterfall is a particularly nice spot to enjoy delightfully balmy summer evenings. And the Biergarten Golgotha not only has a grill, but also brings on the DJs as the night goes on. Kreuzbergstraße, 10963 Berlin

No competition

Sometimes you just don’t feel like a big excursion. You just want to head to your favourite Italian restaurant around the corner and be pampered. A candlelight dinner always works for Valentine’s Day! And Berlin’s restaurants know how to take you to culinary heights you’ve never imagined.


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