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Himmel über Berlin © Panoramapunkt

Wilhelm Foerster Sternwarte with Planetarium

A glimpse of the stars

This combination of public observatory and large planetarium is like no other in Europe. Set on Insulaner hill in Berlin's Schöneberg district, it is an ideal place from which to explore planets and moons on a clear day. When it is raining or stormy, the planetarium opens up its magnificent artificial night sky. Founded in 1947, the Wilhelm-Foerster observatory is an astronomical centre of learning, looking at both classical and modern astronomy. From a more than 100-year-old refracting telescope dating from 1998 - previously the largest telescope in Prussia, to the computer-controlled Zeiss reflecting telescope, which is the most light-sensitive in Berlin. At the Zeiss Planetarium, which opened in 1965, all the movements in the night sky can be demonstrated. Projectors are used to ensure that clouds are blended in, landscapes and panoramas are created, and shooting stars can be seen. In addition, the planetarium offers a wide-ranging programme relating to the subject of astronomy: from organised children's activities to panel discussions and the latest research findings. Readings, audio plays, music, and laser and multimedia shows are also regularly held under this impressive starry canopy.

Presentations for children

In addition to lectures, audio plays, laser shows and readings, the planetarium also offers a varied children's programme, which takes children on an exciting journey through our universe. Younger children can playfully learn about outer space in "Peterchens Mondfahrt" (Little Peter's Moon Trip) and primary-age pupils can watch how the moon phases and seasons occur in the artificial sky. Adolescents 12 years and up will probably be interested in Alien Action or Stella Nova - The Search for the Origins. The star show is sure to provide excitement and interest for all ages. With a planetarium ticket (€7/€5), you can visit the observatory for free within six weeks.

Opening hours (additional information)

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