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Auswahl von Kosmetikprodukten aus Verzaubereien
Auswahl von Kosmetikprodukten aus Verzaubereien © Businessfotograf Berlin Iris Woldt

Verzaubereien in Berlin Spandau

Berlin manufactory for natural cosmetics and soaps

The finest creams made from wild herbs, but also magical moon baths, handmade soaps, fragrances from wild plants and precious essences enchant everyone who values natural products and the magic of natural beauty.

And when such a wonderful little manufactory comes along in the charm of an old pharmacy and is also located on a site steeped in history, there is no stopping it:
"Herb Fairy" Britta awaits you in her apothecary shop, which is located in the middle of the Berlin Citadel, one of the best-preserved old fortresses from the Renaissance period. This means you can also immerse yourself in Berlin's history there, visit knight's armour, sculptures from the imperial era and the bat cellar.
Britta's creations in the field of natural cosmetics combine professional craftsmanship with many years of experience in the mindful use of plants, herbs and oils. It goes without saying that her workshop uses natural raw materials, fresh herbs and does not use palm oil. 

Enchantments in the Citadel Berlin, Britta
Enchantments in the Citadel Berlin, Britta © Britta Carl

Verzaubereien is only open on Mondays and Fridays. On the other days of the week, Britta and her partner Pia devote themselves to lovingly making their products.