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Varia Vineta

Magical Children's Theatre

Rapunzel lets her hair down and Frau Holle shakes out the cushions right in the middle of Berlin! Varia Vineta makes the well-known characters from storybooks come alive.

The theatre dwarf Vini with his white beard and red felt welcomes the audience to Varia Vineta. And then he starts his stories, perhaps of Snow White or Frau Holle from the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Or maybe Thumbelina from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy talse. And sometimes that of the witch Baba Yaga from Russia.

The Varia Vineta combines theatre, culture, and a café all under one roof. The program includes funny and traditional children's theatre with fairy tales performed by actors on stage. While the little ones settle in for a journey to the fantastical world of fairy tales, you can treat yourself to a tea or coffee in the cosy café lounge.

The evening, however, belongs to adults.

By night, there are many other cultural offerings on the schedule, including cabaret and comedy, singers, and readings. Check out the improv sketches or learn how to swing dance to the music of the 20s and 30s. Regular exhibitions are also a part of the concept.

Children playing for children

Varia Vineta also has its own children's acting ensemble. Young lovers of the theatre have the opportunity to become active on stage, performing up to twelve times a year.

Varia Vineta in Berlin-Pankow

The theatre is just a short walk from the Vinetastraße station on U-Bahn line U2.

The space is also available for rent for your office party or family birthday.