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Theater Jaro

Puppet shows for children

Theater Jaro features puppets and actors accompanied with live accordion music. The café also full of lots of sweet treats.

Theater Jaro am Rüdesheimer Platz in Berlin's Wilmersdorf district is not just a theatre for children. Instead, it has developed its own performance style where puppets and actors take the stage together, accompanied with live music on the accordion. The theatre has its roots in Eastern Europe: jaro is the Czech word for the season of spring .

The theatre intentionally stays away from pedagogical pieces, instead focusing on coherent stories that engage the imaginations of the young audience. For example, one popular piece is Ein Dinosaurier im Kühlschrank ("A Dinosaur in the Fridge"). It runs regularly.

Family café and other offerings

The theatre's foyer café is always open an hour before and after each performance. There's also a big family breakfast buffet on offer every Sunday morning from 10 am, complete with fresh bread, cold cuts, coffee, and everything else you would expect from a German breakfast. Children's birthday parties can also be held here.

Aspiring actors are welcome to join the theatre courses for children.