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Saxony is a German state with distinctive art and culture, centuries-old traditions, scenic attractions, a great history and modern lifestyle. Visitors from all over the world appreciate the sophisticated art and cultural events above all. With their quite different atmosphere – ranging from the Baroque to contemporary elegance, industrial architecture and Art Nouveau on the one hand, and from dreamy romanticism to lively urban life on the other – big cities like Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig are well worth a visit.


A city defined by the Baroque period, the River Elbe, music and culture, Dresden is world famous for its distinctive charm. Its unique appeal derives from the architectural gems around Theatre Square, including the Zwinger Palace, the Semper Opera, Brühl’s Terrace, as well as the art treasures of the State art collections.


In Leipzig’s “pub mile” the visitor is faced with a huge choice of restaurants and bars. One of Leipzig’s many attractions is its irresistible opportunity to shop in the many historic arcades, the city centre and the main railway station.

Saxony’s Craftsmanship

There has been a rich craft tradition in Saxony for over three centuries – it is home to the wood art from the Erz Mountains, and the traditional musical instruments makers of the Vogtland. For over 250 years, world-famous Meissen porcelain has been manufactured in the 1000 year-old town of the same name in Saxon Elbland. What’s more, along Saxony’s Wine Route they are skilled in the art of producing delicious wines and champagnes.