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Saunafloss Innenansicht
© Copyright: Saunafloss/Dirk Engelhardt


The swimming sauna

The sauna raft is idyllically situated on the Havel river, where you can relax on the water and unwind. The sauna offers space for up to 4 people and a shower. A bathing ladder leads into the water. Inside the stove not only spreads warmth, but also a relaxing atmosphere of well-being. At each session you have a free infusion of fragrant spruce needle extract.
After a briefing, you can take the raft along the Havel to Wannsee or even to Potsdam - all year round, 365 days a year!  A driving licence is not required, everyone 18 years and older is allowed to drive the sauna raft.

The mooring is right next to the restaurant ship "Alte Liebe"