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Indoor fun at Ritterland Berlin

Even without swords or armour, children can gain entry to this tower. Knights, damsels or pages – everyone's welcome at the Ritterland indoor playground. Things don't always happen in a gallant manner, however. Anyone who doesn't conquer the climbing tower quickly enough can let off steam in the ball shooting gallery – but naturally without anyone getting hurt.

Castle World

Little knights with a head for heights can scale the climbing towers and walls or fight dragons while the damsels have fun in the bouncy castles. But take care that no one gets lost in the adventure labyrinth or sinks into the ball pit moat. Children of all ages will have a great time at Ritterland. For toddlers there's an area with building blocks to make their own castles. Anyone who's tired can sit down and rest at the long tables, and for adults there's coffee and cake in the restaurant.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 20:00