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Rent-A-Boat Berlin

Boating in Treptow

Typical Berlin, you might think, as you travel down Schlesische Straße towards Puschkinallee. You'll pass by the Osthafen (Eastern Harbour) with its old industrial facilities along the Spree and then happen upon Treptower Park and suddenly be surrounded by greenery. Among the destinations here for a summer's day out are the Insel der Jugend (Isle of Youth) with its large, inviting beer gardens and a place with a wide range of boats you can rent. Depending on your mood, you can rent a pedal boat, a row boat or a motorboat to explore the are on your own and from the water. Younger captains and passengers will enjoy circumnavigating the Insel der Jugend and gliding under its access bridge.

Enchanted environment

If you like, you can also dock on the island; it has a youth club with an events centre and a restaurant. Or you might enjoy walking around the outside of the legendary Plänterwald and peek through the gaps in the fence to catch a glimpse of the derelict carousel and other amusement rides of the former Spreepark.