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NUR für /Teaser zu MonGay im Kino International
Cinema hall at Kino International © York Kinogruppe, Foto: Daniel Horn

Queer Cinema

MonGay in the Cinema Kino International

There's a special atmosphere late every Monday night at the famous Kino International. As part of the MonGay programme, films of particular interest to gay and lesbian film lovers are shown late every Monday night at 10 pm.

Often it's the latest blockbuster film, but also occasionally an old classic or sometimes an entertaining DVD selection from a gay and lesbian film service.

It's worth a visit if only to enjoy the family atmosphere – even when the Kino International is sold out, it's still an intimate experience. It's like ending the day with a group of friends. For many film buffs, MonGay is an integral part of their schedule. You can still catch the last U-Bahn home and have a relaxing start to your week.

MonGay in the cinema Kino International

Karl-Marx-Allee 33
10178 Berlin

every Monday at 10pm