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Panda bear Zoo Berlin
Panda Meng Meng © Zoo Berlin

Pandas at the Berlin Zoo

Germany's only pandas can be found in Berlin

Pandas have finally returned to Germany once again! Since summer 2017 you can visit the cute panda couple from China at Berlin Zoo. We have compiled all the important information for you:

Pandas Meng Meng & Jiao Qing and their new home at Berlin Zoo

Panda bear in the zoo Berlin
Panda bear Jiao Qing in the zoo Berlin © Zoo Berlin

Meng Meng and Jiao Qing have moved into their new home at the Zoo Berlin. Animal carers travelled specially from China to ensure the well-being of Meng-Meng and Jiao Qing during the settling-in period. They took care of the new zoo inhabitants together with the Berlin colleagues so that Meng Meng and Jiao Qing feel at home in Berlin in no time at all.

Yet the zoo has not only catered for the pandas: You too can take a break in the newly built visitor plaza and here, in the midst of traditional Chinese architectural elements, modern Asian design and enormous bamboo canes, you will discover everything about China´s cuddly favourite animals - or did you already know that a panda polishes off up to 30 kg of crunchy fresh bamboo every day, has “two” thumbs and used to be a meat eater?

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Do you want to get to know Berlin´s sweetest bear couple? Then head for the zoo. Come and meet Berlin´s fluffy bamboo munchers in the Chinese Pavilion. The panda couple are living there in a newly created enclosure with extensive climbing facilities, slides and plenty of green space. You can purchase zoo tickets directly and conveniently online at and skip the line at the entrance.

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The Berlin pandas are so cute: The first pictures & videos

Pandas at Berlin Zoo: Germany´s only pandas Meng Meng & Jiao Qing can be found in Berlin.


The pandas occupy another part of their enclosure.


The pandas spend a lot of time munching and lazing around.

You can find out even more about the new Berliners in the zoo´s panda blog.

Did you already know that about pandas in Berlin?

Pandas have always had a unique appeal for us - this also applies to Berlin, where panda euphoria has remained strong for decades. The history of pandas in the capital is a long one: It was as early as 1939 when the first living panda was to be seen in Berlin. “Happy” was, however, only passing through and moved onto the USA after two months. Chi-Chi the bear was the next panda to find a temporary home in the Tierpark Berlin. In 1958, Chi-Chi attracted over 400,000 visitors to the Tierpark within a period of three weeks before continuing her journey to London. It was there where she was even to become the model for the world-famous logo of the WWF.

On 5 November 1980, the first panda couple Bao Bao and Tjen Tjen arrived in Berlin as a state gift from the Chinese Premier, Hua Guofeng, to Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Following the death of the lady panda Tjen Tjen - four years later - Bao Bao first lived as a bachelor in the capital. When Yan Yan finally moved into Berlin Zoo in April 1995, the zoo´s visitors were bursting with excitement. But here, again, the pair never brought panda offspring into the world since Yan Yan passed away in 2007.
At the proud age of 34 and thus the oldest living male panda in the world, Bao Bao lived out his years at Berlin Zoo until his death in 2012. Up until summer 2015, the panda couple Bao Bao and Yan Yan could be seen in the special exhibition, “PANDA”, in the Natural History Museum.

With Meng Meng and Jiao Qing, a Germany-wide unique panda couple finally moved into Berlin Zoo.. Having grown up in the breeding station Chengdu in Southwest China, the Chinese government is handing over the pandas to Berlin Zoo as a loan for 15 years. Even potential offspring remain the property of China. After the official opening of the 5,000 square metre panda enclosure with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of China, Xi Jinping, you will also have the chance to visit Meng Meng and Jiao Qing at Berlin Zoo as of 6 July 2017.
Besides the zoo, there are other places in Berlin where you can discover pandas. For example, the famous Bao Bao can still be seen as a preserved specimen in the Natural History Museum. Pandas also make an appearance in various places as part of Berlin street art in the form of graffiti, such as on the Berlin Wall along the East Side Gallery.

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