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Panama Restaurant & Bar
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Oh, Panama

Dining in Panamanian style

The Oh, Panama has been part of the modern, hip Berlin gastronomic scene since 2016. Alongside the Katz Orange in Mitte and the Deli Candy on Bone in Kreuzberg, it is the third restaurant belonging to the owner Ludwig Cramer-Klett. The restaurant lies in a rear courtyard of Potsdamer Straße in Schöneberg. Inspired by Janosch´s children´s book “Oh, wie schön ist Panama” (Oh, how beautiful Panama is), guests are welcomed to a restaurant in the Panamanian style with bamboo decoration on the walls, cacti and yellow-brown patterned chair covers. The chef de cuisine combines exotic with fresh, regional products. The Oh, Panama restaurant is part of the Contemporary Food Lab, holding monthly events on the themes of people, nature and food.