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Altes Bild des Delphie Kinos in Weißensee
Altes Bild des Delphie Kinos in Weißensee © Foto: Jean Moeller BERLIN

Theater im Delphi

The former cinema Delphi - today called Theater im Delphi - in Weißensee is transformed into the Moka Efti bar for Babylon Berlin, where people celebrate in high spirits. Charlie Ritter parties and dances here at a roaring party full of glamour and decadence. The silent film cinema Delphi comes from the era of the series. It opened in 1929 in the heyday of Berlin film production. At that time in Weißensee there were several studios before Babelsberg which rose to become the biggest production sites. The cinema was no longer operated after 1959. Today it still retains the charm of bygone times and is used as a venue for concerts and celebrations.