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Sustainable Fashion in Berlin
© GettyImages, Bild: Björn Forenius

Naturkaufhaus at Galleria Steglitz

A large selection of ethical clothing in Germany’s biggest department store for natural products

The Naturkaufhaus Steglitz, the biggest department store for natural goods in Germany, takes you to a world of fashion with a difference: pure natural textiles which are produced according to strict ecological and social standards, are very good for humans, animals and the environment, and are chic and elegant in their own unique way.
The store stocks various well-known brands which make their products exclusively from organic cotton, silk, bamboo viscose, hemp fibres and natural (alpaca) wool. You can shop for clothes for your whole family here with a clear conscience.
As well as ethical and sustainable fashion, you’ll find many more sustainable and environmentally friendly products for everyday use at the Naturkaufhaus Steglitz on more than 4,000 square metres of shop space, including home textiles, natural cosmetics, bags, educational children’s toys and natural delicatessen food.