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The Meerjungfrau Apnoe Akademie

Mermaiding in Berlin

It’s many girls’ dream to dive into the cool water as a mermaid, and now that dream can come true. Every Saturday, the Meerjungfrau Apnoe Akademie holds mermaiding courses in the pool at the Kombibad Spandau Süd. Mermaiding, more properly known as freediving or apnoea swimming, is where swimmers use a monofin to cover the longest possible distance underwater in one breath. The Meerjungfrau Apnoe Akademie teaches underwater swimming techniques and long breath-holding exercises. Equipped with a monofin and with your legs and waist fitted snugly inside a colourful mermaid’s tail made of fabric or silicone, you not only build up your stamina but also your strength, because the monofin weighs four kilos in the water. The course is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

The courses in the Kombibad Spandau Süd combined pool take place on Saturdays from 1 to 2 pm.

In addition to the Kombibad Spandau Süd , mermaiding courses are also offered in the Wellenbad am Spreewaldplatz (Thursdays 5 - 6 pm).