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Mauerplatz Children’s Farm

At the Mauerplatz Children’s Farm, animal lovers can make contact with four-legged and two-legged animals

The Mauerplatz Children’s Farm in Kreuzberg is the oldest institution of its kind in Berlin. In 1981, local residents began, with the help of children and young people, to build the farm on a bomb site along the Berlin Wall. Today it is known across the city as a place where you can play and learn. Its motto is “People need Animals”, not only as livestock, but also as friends. And here in the middle of the city there are sheep, ponies, donkeys, chickens and geese for whom people young and old are encouraged to help care.

Urban and ecological

Visitors can also learn about cultivating food and medicinal plants in the adjoining garden. walk along the Nature trail or run around the playground. Another attraction is the Solarcafé and also the big medicine wheel, which was built by a Hopi Indian and represents the spiritual imagination of his tribe. Admission to the farm is free.