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Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia is a region rich in variety. Over the centuries, different cultures influenced the area, leaving traces of their architecture and culture in the form of unique heritage buildings, most of which are of priceless historical value. Lower Silesia’s greatest treasure however is its abundant natural assets. Labyrinthine cliffs, magnificent caves, high mountains, waterfalls, forests, even (fortunately dead) volcanoes, national and country parks, and nature reserves, are all testament to this region’s diversity.

Spa Resorts in Lower Silesia

The therapeutic value of spas has been well-known for centuries in this region. The Lower Silesian spa resorts are tourist and cultural centres offering a variety of attractions to meet the highest expectations: from Chopin concerts in Reinerz to ski slopes and climbing walls, there is something for everyone here.

The “Riesengebirge” mountain range

Activity tourism is becoming increasingly popular with tourists visiting Lower Silesia, and for good reason, for the region boasts a wide range of attractions: picturesque trails winding up the mountain peaks, easy forest paths, numerous cycle tracks and canoeing routes, and ski slopes and cross-country routes maintained to the highest standard.

Bory Dolnośląskie Lowlands

The Lower Silesian wooded and lowland area of Bory Dolnośląskie is perfect for observing nature and wild birds including the white-tailed eagle, which became not only a national symbol, but one of nature in the raw as well. It is also an ideal location for gathering mushrooms and wild berries.