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© Foto: Michael Füssel


For the extra portion of garlic

Garlic is known as a spice and remedy - and is at the heart of the cuisine of Berlin's only garlic restaurant.

Already 5000 years ago the white bulb was cultivated in India and China. Today garlic is a popular spice all over the world. Whether juicy grilled meat or finely spiced noodle creations, the spicy bulb gives every dish a very special note. As the only garlic restaurant in Berlin, Knofl also refines all kinds of other ordinary and unusual dishes with this special spice. And for those who have to start the day the next morning with garlic-free breath, there are of course delicious alternatives. Mint and red wine are also said to help. Our tip: Just go out for a meal together at Knofel, then everyone will share the special smell. And finally, garlic is good for you! The white bulb is not only a very tasty spice, but also has a positive effect on blood fat levels and high blood pressure. Enjoy!