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Indoor playground Bambooland

Experience jungle adventures at Bambooland

Children of all ages can have real jungle adventures at this indoor playground. A river running past palm trees and bamboos takes the little ones in paddle boats on a journey through Bambooland. On trampolines and bouncy castles, children jump as high as they can or work off their energy on the softball cannons and the electric go-cart track or playing air hockey.

Treasure hunters and climbing monkeys

Little treasure hunters can dig for gold or allow themselves to be carried over the top of the jungle world in a tree carousel. Little climbing monkeys can swing from branch to branch on the huge labyrinth structure. And since expeditions make you hungry, there's hot and cold food and drinks on-site for kids and adults. Parents can sit on the wooden deck and watch the jungle kids at play. There are two Bambooland parks in Berlin and surroundings.