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Marzahn visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Hochzeitspark (Wedding Park)

Green neighborhood

Neighbourhoods in a green setting

It is a green centre of a residential area  between Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße and Mehrower Allee. This area was planned along the East German urban planning principles of »light and air for the  socialist community«. After the closure of two schools that were no longer needed, the school garden, a favourite among residents, was opened up as  a place to meet. Beginning in 2007, Hochzeitspark was gradually added. Twice a year, a festival is held and  new trees are planted by bridal couples, people celebrating the birth of a  new child, or those who wish to cel­ebrate similar events with this wonderful tradition.

The artistically designed »wedding table«, decorated with hearts, birds and the words »yes« and »no«, and surrounded by rose beds, is not just for bridal couples. The long wooden table with benches and stools can also be used as a meeting place. The trees are not only sponsored by bridal couples; to coincide with a special event, for instance a birth, graduation or company anniversary, you can plant a tree for around 100 euros and you will receive a certificate with a site map. Due to the popularity of this tradition, Hochzeits­park has increased in size several times. This barrier-free park is also accessible for wheelchair users.

The »garden of encounter« was built around ten years ago at the northern edge of Hochzeitspark and serves as a neighbourhood meeting place in the district between Mehrower Allee and Bürgerpark. Residents can apply to use the flower beds and some of them are used by community groups. New footpaths, a festival site and small seating areas have been installed. A community hall and a greenhouse now also form part of the park. From spring to autumn, from the first crocuses to the final harvest, the garden provides a local venue for festivals and lectures, for instance, on healthy eating. Today, the garden demonstrates how important community areas are for common open- air use, and in doing so becomes more attractive, just like Hochzeitspark.