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Facade of the museum of local history in Reinickendorf
Museum of local history in Berlin Reinickendorf © Museum Reinickendorf

Heimatmuseum (Local History Museum) Reinickendorf

The special things of Reinickendorf

In many small rooms, in an illustrative fashion, one can discover the story of Reinickendorf: in this way, there is a room here about the pre and early history of the area, a handyman’s room, but also a laundry and children’s room, as well as an intimate hunting parlour. In the Biedermeier room, visitors can marvel at how the upper bourgeois lived during the 19th century, whereas children in the classroom find out what school was once like. In a specially made children’s room lie historical toys, some hand-made, ready to be played with. Situated on the open-air site behind the museum is a reconstructed Germanic farmhouse that with its enterable longhouse consists of a weaving house and attic. Complimenting the exhibitions is an extensive programme of workshops and events.

Opening hours (additional information)
Sunday to Friday 9.00 - 17.00