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Geschichtsparcours (Historical Exhibit)

200 Years of Prussian-German History

The historical tour is a system providing historical information within the city. It consists of 30 signs which are distributed between 14 different points throughout the former military zone on General-Pape-Straße.

At each of the points, there is a sign with a photo, a description and different icons to provide orientation. Here, the history of the area is told in separate chapters, each of which is complete in itself. So, each point on the tour stands alone whilst referring to the overall context. Historically speaking, the area of General-Pape-Straße can be recognised as the place where innovation meets with tradition.

Throughout the 19th and 20th century, the area was characterised by both the presence of the railway and the Prussian military. The "Schwerbelastungskörper" (heavy loading compound) at the most northern point is a reminder of the city plans from the period under Nazi rule. Prussian and German history is still palpable here, even today. The remaining barracks are protected as a monument.