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Open the Gates: This biblical quotation about their portals connected the New Synagogue with the city. The once most beautiful and largest church in Germany. Inaugurated in 1866, it is a unique testimony to German-Jewish history.

Neue Synagoe, Rotunde © Foto: Anna Fischer
Neue Synagoe, Rotunde © Foto: Anna Fischer © Foto: Anna Fischer

The New Synagogue was a symbol of the self-image of being German, Berlin and Jewish in equal measure. The fragment of the building bears witness to the violent destruction of these lives and living worlds.Since September 5, 1991, the inscription has shone back into the city.

We see the "doet up" as the basis for our agenda: we address the challenges of cultural diversity and difference, the clash of traditions and modernity, and the most diverse manifestations of being Jewish. Jewish History in Berlin: also an example of seeing history from other perspectives and thinking a piece of the world through the Prisma Berlin.
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