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Alltag Zwangsarbeit 1938–1945
Alltag Zwangsarbeit 1938–1945 © Stadtarchiv Meinerzhagen

Forced Labour in the Daily Round 1938–1945

The exhibition documents the history of forced labor during the National Socialism as an omnipresent mass phenomenon.

Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit Berlin-Schöneweide

Britzer Straße 5 12439  Berlin

In the summer of 1944, every fourth worker or employee was a forced laborer or a forced laborer. The large armaments companies, as well as agriculture, municipalities, crafts, churches and private households, benefited from this. Forced laborers belonged to the war day of the German population.

The exhibition shows the everyday life of the men, women and children who are taken to work - in the camp, at work, in contact with Germans.
It shows how much the life of the forced laborers was shaped by the graded racial hierarchy of the Nazi regime.

Many, partly unknown photographs, documents and objects on the history of Nazi forced labor and aftermaths are shown. This includes numerous biographies of forced laborers as well as German perpetrators, professionals, spectators and supporters.

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