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The Beat of Berlin. The brightly colored and fascinating show. BLUE MAN GROUP exclusively in Berlin!

BLUE MAN GROUP - the bright blue experience show at STAGE BLUEMAX Theater at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin - the only BLUE MAN GROUP show outside the USA. MUST-SEE IN BERLIN! 

BLUE MAN GROUP is unique in Germany. This 'BLUE MAN GROUP` exists only in Berlin!  Right in the heart of the capital at Potsdamer Platz. Join the Party. Celebrate Life!

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Blue Men - Permanent favorites.

Since BLUE MAN GROUP first sounded their drums at Potsdamer Platz 18 years ago, their beat has become one with the creative heartbeat of Berlin.
BLUE MAN GROUP has become the most successful long-run show in the German capital.
The impressive mix of rocking concert atmosphere, first-class comedy and fascinating technical effects has already thrilled more than 35 million viewers worldwide.


The show hit BLUE MAN GROUP is an exceptional production with rocking concert atmosphere, first-class comedy and breathtaking effects is an attraction and a fixed component in the Berlin program. With its wealth of ideas, the cult show inspires visitors from all over the world.

BLUE MAN GROUP would not be BLUE MAN GROUP if they did not reinvent themselves from time to time. The word standstill does not exist in the BLUE MAN GROUP universe. That's why BLUE MAN GROUP is always new, always different and always surprising.

BLUE MAN GROUP is like the pulse of Berlin: brightly colored, innovative and creative.

You can't describe BLUE MAN GROUP, you have to see the show live. If you want to see BLUE MAN GROUP, you have to be willing to take risks, experiment and dare to do something. Because nobody really knows what to expect. During the show as well as before and after. Already when entering the Stage BLUEMAX Theater, the borders between stage and auditorium become more and more blurred.

The connection between audience and Blue Man is always intense, deep and surprising. Both during the show and before and after.

The show is suitable for all ages, recommended from 6 years old.

BLUE MAN GROUP must be seen live.
In the Stage BLUEMAX Theater, which was specially converted for the show, they perform with specially developed instruments and gripping beats. They take their audience on a journey into a world full of wonder, humor and joie de vivre - always dynamic, always extravagant, always very close to the audience.

The creative use of colors, sounds and interactions turns the show into a bright blue live spectacle. Drums, zither, guitar, bass, chapman stick and drums together create the incomparable sound of the BLUE MAN GROUP.

In addition to the paint drumming that has become a trademark, the Germany show always presents new scenes and songs that can only be seen in Berlin. Of course, the international highlights from more than 30 years of BLUE MAN GROUP are not missing.
In addition to well-known elements such as Feast, Gumballs and Marshmallows and the Paintdrumming that has become a trademark, current topics around social media, connectivity and technology as well as virtual reality will find their way into the show. And it will do so in exactly the way you wouldn't expect, guaranteed.

BLUE MAN GROUP - cast and crew give everything to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

  • Each month, 180 drum sticks, 140 guitar plecs, 90 drum skins and 143 strings for stringed instruments are consumed.
  • To create the unique look of the Blues, nearly 1300 kilos of blue makeup are consumed per year.

In every show, the cast and crew give their all to create an unforgettable experience for the audience. Six performers and 16 musicians from a total of nine nations thrill guests with a mix of rock concert and performance art. From the operations office to the artistic director, 117 people contribute to the success of this international show highlight. Many of them have been part of the BLUE MAN GROUP universe since the Berlin launch in 2004 at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz.

The BLUE MAN GROUP inspires the audience in the Bluemax Theater again and again with a lot of interaction. The connection between audience and stage during the show is intense. No other show realizes this in such a way. 

The curiosity of the audience gives energy.

For the performers, too, the encounter and interaction with the audience is what makes the show so special:

"After so many years, we performers know that the energy and curiosity of the spectators:inside is what sustains us and, in interaction with us, creates a sum that is greater than its individual parts. The Blue Man is a social and very curious being who holds up a mirror to people in which we recognize ourselves and are fascinated. However, the Blue Man looks just as fascinated into the eyes of the spectator:inside. He senses how strange his counterpart is. And when we part at the end of the evening, we are still fascinated by each other, but no longer strangers."

GOOD TO KNOW: BLUE MAN GROUP Berlin is a partner of Viva con Agua and part of a worldwide network that cares for clean drinking water all over the world.

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