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3D Skulptur "Mann in Berlin"
Foto: 3DyourBody GmbH

Detailed Mini-Me

The modern technology of 3D printing makes it possible to create detailed images of real people or even animals.

As detailed as a photo are the small 3D figures of 3DyourBody, only much cuter. Made possible by the new technology of 3D printing, people and animals including all accessories can be reproduced down to the smallest detail. Capture special moments in life or create a Mini-Me for you and your loved ones on location. To avoid long waiting times, you should make an appointment in advance. After a detailed consultation and introduction to 3D printing, you and/or your darlings will be scanned.

The actual scan takes only a few seconds and is absolutely safe. Afterwards you can immediately view a first draft of your 3D figure, agree on any details and repeat the scan if necessary. The actual print takes a little longer. Each individual figure is put together layer by layer in a powder bed of a polymer plaster composite. State-of-the-art 3D printers are used for this, which are already being used for industrial production. After the final touches, which are made manually, you can pick up your Mini-Me. Usually this takes about two to eight weeks.