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Close-Up Of Fresh Delicious Pizza
© Getty Images, Foto: Joscha Malburg / EyeEm


Trattoria in 50s style

Visit the Trattoria Coccodrillo in Weinbergspark to enjoy the original flair of Italy. The interior is adorned with design elements from the 1950s. Red ceilings and curtains, red herringbone parquet, a library in the dining room and artworks by Fiorucci endow the space with a theatrical flair.  The large outdoor terrace oriented towards the south is the perfect setting to get into holiday mood on tepid evenings. And the Italian specialities on the menu are adept for the ambience: ravioli, pizza, fish and grilled meat. Special care has been taken to ensure that 70 percent dishes are vegetarian. All ingredients come directly from the small farmhouses in Italy. There are a variety of wines on the menu including the Chianti and the Toscan as well as cocktails like the Italian classic Negroni.