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Klassenreise nach Berlin
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Check list for teachers: Class trips to Berlin

Making organisation easier and planning your class trip more fun

Are you planning a class trip to Berlin, and would like to show the capital city along with all its historically significant sights to your students? To make sure you can direct your full and undivided attention at the most important thing of all – Berlin's sights – when making plans, we've drawn up a check list for your class trip. It allows you to maintain an overview of everything when taking care of organisation, and devote your energy to putting together a social program with other activities.

We have created this check list specifically for teachers. It is intended as an aid for preparing and planning your class trip, and also includes plenty of valuable tips for your stay in the German capital.
Our check list answers questions such as which documents you require for your class trip, which means of transport is best for your sightseeing tour, and which accommodation there is to choose from. And because it's all in chronological order, the list will help you maintain an overview of what you need to get done by when.

Before starting to plan the class trip, make sure you get both the students, and their parents, involved in the process. For example, researching the activities on the side could be an assignment for the whole class.

When the new school year starts:

Learning languages in Berlin
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  • Read up on the guidelines for class trips that apply locally: these guidelines clarify how to make the necessary applications, how frequently class trips can be planned, and how many teachers are needed to chaperone the students.
  • Obtain permission for the class trip, and for the work trip, from the faculty.
  • Agree on potential dates, costs and content of the class trip with the school administration.
  • Register the person who will be accompanying you with the school administration (the exact number of chaperones and the teacher in charge of the trip is defined in the guidelines).
  • Decide on potential dates for the trip, and the duration of the class trip, along with the educational objective of the trip.
  • Choose suitable group accommodation in Berlin for the school trip.
  • Choose your means of transport for getting there and away.
  • Choose your local means of transport.

Tip: The CityTourCard allows you to enjoy free travel by U-Bahn, S-Bahn and bus, and save up to 35% on sightseeing.

  • Create an exciting social programme full of activities with everyone involved.

Tip: Be inspired by our 5-day programme for Berlin for school classes. (A link to the 5-day programme will be added)

  • Take out an insurance policy, and find out about what kind of health insurance coverage is best for students.
  • Calculate the costs of travel to and from Berlin, overnight stays, admission fees, meals and drinks (half-board or full board, as applicable), local transport, insurance and pocket money.
  • Before holding the first information evening, inform parents about the possibility of a class trip and the general framework.
  • Invite all the parents to an information evening, and inform them about the plans both in writing and by telling them. The following documents need to be obtained in writing on the information evening: permission for the students to participate, as well as consent to special activities, along with the parents’ declaration of consent (to cover arrangements including the costs, unsupervised outings when the students are old enough, sickness, medication, allergies and other special considerations, sending students home early, insurance cover, disciplinary measures and consequences). Furthermore, the parents must be given the opportunity to hold a “secret ballot” to decide whether the class trip should occur at all.
  • Tell the parents that it is a good idea to take out a travel cancellation insurance policy.

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9 to 7 months before the class trip

Klassenreise nach Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius
  • The written declaration of consent, in which parents undertake to pay the costs, must have been handed out.
  • Start planning details of the itinerary, and draw up a plan for the week for both the class and the parents, including important telephone numbers in Berlin.
  • Book the class trip (including travel cancellation insurance, if applicable).
  • Create a list of all persons travelling with you.
  • If relevant, apply for grants and any funding available for the class trip and wait until they have been approved.
  • Plan events to help fill the coffers for the class trip, such as a cake sale in the school yard, or a charity run.

4 months before leaving for Berlin:

Klassenreise nach Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius
  • Organise a second information evening for parents in order to share all the details (name of the accommodation, emergency telephone numbers, any specific meal preferences) after booking the trip (both orally and in writing).
  • Ask the parents to inform you about any medication the child needs to take, about any allergic reactions, special consideration for any health conditions or physical handicaps.
  • Introduce the person who will be accompanying you to the parents.
  • Clarify matters in relation to duty of care and liability during the trip.
  • Check the validity of the personal documents of all those travelling.
  • Organise a first aid kit, including bandages, which will be taken along on the trip.
  • Introduce the accompanying person and present a detailed itinerary to the class, and discuss which rules apply once on the trip.

During the class trip

Klassenreise nach Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius
  • All accompanying persons must exercise their supervisory obligations and duty of care.
  • The school regulations, and the provisions specified in the Child and Young Persons Act (e.g. no consumption of alcohol), must be followed.
  • Take all important documents with you, such as travel documents, insurance documents, teaching materials, a list of all participants in the class trip, parents’ telephone numbers and addresses, the parents’ declarations of consent and information about the students (e.g. special dietary requirements, allergies).
  • Each student should take a valid ID card, school ID, health insurance card, allergy pass and vaccination card, if relevant, with them.
  • Take the first-aid kit and emergency numbers with you.
  • Please note that if any sports are played, instructions on how to play, and safety instructions, must be provided.

When using this check list, make sure that the teacher who is planning the class trip takes the school regulations and the guidelines that apply in the respective place of residence into account.

Do you have any other questions? We're more than happy to help you organise your class trip to Berlin, and will provide you with free assistance with planning and booking your group trip to Berlin.

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