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Car sharing: woman in Berlin uses app on her smartphone
Car sharing: woman in Berlin uses app on her smartphone © Getty Images, Foto: Halfpoint Images

Carsharing Berlin

Overview and comparison of the providers

If you’re not bringing your own car with you to Berlin, but would like to make a spontaneous trip outside the area covered by the BVG (public transport services), then you can choose from a wide variety of carsharing providers in the capital. What distinguishes the services offered by Miles, ShareNow (formerly Car2Go), WeShare, Cambio or Sixt? Find an overview here: Price comparison and business areas.

How does carsharing work?

Carsharing is a simple and straightforward way to be mobile outside Berlin' inner city too. To make use of the different carsharing services, simply download the respective app to your smartphone and off you go! 

Carsharing generally consists of free-floating and station-based services. Station-based sharing services allow you to pick up your vehicle from the respective provider, just like hiring a car. With free-floating services, the cars are parked in public car parks and can be located using an app.

How much does carsharing cost in Berlin?

When using carsharing in Berlin, you can choose between different billing models. Miles, for example, calculates the price based on the number of kilometres driven, with the cost per kilometre currently totalling 89 cents per kilometre. Other providers' offers start at 19 cents per minute. Depending on the quality and size of the vehicle, these costs may also be somewhat higher. In addition, there may be fees for new drivers or flat rates for insurance. Daily flat rates are also part of the offer.

Who is the best carsharing provider? The key providers in comparison

No matter where you are in the city, you can take advantage of carsharing services almost everywhere. Of course, you can also switch to carsharing directly upon your arrival at Berlin's airport or at Berlin Südkreuz train station.

Miles: Kilometre-based billing

On the basis of its motto “Pay for ride not for the traffic”, Miles calculates the fees not according to minutes, but by kilometres driven. You can also leave the Berlin business area with Miles. In this case, the ride is not finalised as usual, with the vehicle being parked for a fee of 29 cents per minute. 

Note: Miles took over the electric fleet from WeShare at the end of 2022. If you are driving an electric car in the Berlin region or are on the road for longer periods of time for other reasons, you should plan for charging times. Charging or refuelling is completely digital via the app.  

  • Prices: The cost per kilometre travelled is 98 cents/kilometre, slightly higher for vans at 1.29 cents/kilometre.
  • Rental period: From a few minutes to 30 days
  • Return: In the business area, although return is also possible in other Miles cities such as Potsdam or Hamburg. Parking costs are covered by Miles.
  • Airport: Journeys to the airport are also possible. To do this, use car park P4, from where you can simply walk to the main entrance. Pick-up and drop-off of a vehicle at BER Airport costs 5 euros.

Share Now: The Stellantis Offer

Share Now is the offer of the French-Italian car company Stellantis. In addition to conventional vehicles, Share Now offers electric cars from 30 euros per day.

  • Prices: Rides cost from 19 cents per minute, with prices varying according to the quality and size of the car. There are also different rates.
  • For parking outside the business area, a fee ranging from €2.99 and €7.99 is charged, depending on the zone
  • Hire period: From a few minutes up to 30 days
  • Return: Only in the business area
  • Airport: There is a charge of 7.99 euros for parking at the airport. Please park in the spaces reserved for Share Now in P4.

SIXT share: On the road throughout Germany

The Sixt car hire company also offers stationary carsharing. The advantage over other providers is that you can choose from a large range of vehicles, and also try out new models. These include e-cars from various brands in different sizes. Furthermore, the business area covers the whole of Germany, which means you can drop off your car anywhere in the country – however this only at a SIXT station. Another stationary provider in Berlin is Flinkster.

  • Prices: The costs for the cheapest car models start at 9 cents per minute, with prices increasing depending on the size and model of the car. There are also flat rates for hours and days, which also include a certain number of kilometres. The day package starts at 55 euros.
  • Hire period: From a few minutes up to 27 days
  • Return: Germany-wide at all Sixt stations
  • Airport: For pick-up or drop-off at the airport, fees of €8 are charged. You use P1 or P2 for this.

Cambio: Carsharing without an app

Cambio also offers the option of booking the vehicles by phone or using its website, which means you don't have to download an app to your mobile phone to use Cambio. You pick up the cars at fixed stations which can be found all over the city of Berlin. However, it is not possible to make a booking without using any technology at all: Due to the fact that our offices are currently closed as a result of the coronavirus, you will have to fill out an online registration form and e-mail a picture or video of your identity card and driving licence to our customer service team. Advantage: Cambio customers in Berlin can also use stadtmobil vehicles. Since 2023, Cambio has also been increasingly promoting the option of using electric vehicles from its fleet.

  • Prices: A one-time registration fee of €30 is charged. Hire prices start at €3 per hour plus 25 cents per kilometre.
  • Return: At the station where you picked up the car
  • Airport: Car return at the airport is not possible.

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