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Colorful bowling balls on rack on bowling lane
Colorful bowling balls on rack on bowling lane © Getty Images, Bild: Henry Donald

Bowling Center at Alexanderplatz

Knock over ten pins instead of nine skittles at the BowlingCenter on Alexanderplatz.

Homer Simpson loves it: bowling. The American equivalent to German skittles is a social sport that hobbyists and professionals will enjoy equally.

Special lane for children

The BowlingCenter on Alexanderplatz has a special lane for children. It has long bumper cushions that make it easier for kids, who often have difficulties with the heavy balls, to knock down the pins than in normal lanes. During the week, it costs from €11.40 per hour to use one lane, and from €15.60 at the weekend. The obligatory bowling shoes cost €1.90 to borrow. This is an opportunity for kids aged six and above to have fun, while their parents can relax a bit and have a breather while living out their own sporting ambitions.