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Berliner Unterwelten © Berliner Unterwelten e.V., Foto: Dietmar Arnold

Berlin's Unterwelten-Museum

Underground - the Berliner Unterwelten-Museum

Take an exciting discovery tour beneath the streets of the metropolis with a visit to the Berliner Unterwelten-Museum. Learn more about the secret history of the city. Descend into bunkers as well as tunnel systems. The headquarters of the Underworlds Association is located in a former bunker in the transport hub of Gesundbrunnen. Learn all about the capital's many underground facilities in the four-floor exhibition.

Berlin's history: hidden things rediscovered

Berlin's surface is just the visible part of the city: among the large squares and streets, relics, tunnels and secret passages from Berlin's changing history slumber. Particularly impressive are the ruins of bunkers. Since 1997, the Berlin non-profit Underworlds Association has managed these fateful buildings. 1999 is the first time that visitors are taken on guided tours through the extensive bunker complex in Gesundbrunnen U-Bahnhof. The Association is formed to explore, document and preserve Berlin's underground infrastructure and make it available to the public. Throughout the year, Unterwelten-Museum gives seminars and numerous tours and exhibitions offering vivid insights into the work up close. Various guided tours focus on the civilian air raid during the Second World War. On tours through the underground, you also encounter special historic features such as East Germany escape tunnels, ammunition findings and archaeological treasures. The Berliner Unterwelten guides reveal exciting and moving insights. Also recommended is the industrial monument Fichtebunker in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It unites 130 years of city history - from the gasometer for the city street lighting to the use as a mother and child bunker, from buildings converted during the Nazi era to the camp for Senate reserves for West Berliners at the time of the Berlin Wall. The extraordinary exhibition of "Myth of Germania" examines the Nazis' plans for the intended imperial capital of Berlin.

Highlights of Berliner Unterwelten-Museum

  • Bunkers at Gesundbrunnen
  • Residue of in the Humboldthain flak towers
  • Escape tunnel between East and West Berlin
  • Historical memory storage Fichtebunker

Other local discoveries

The Labyrinth Children's Museum is located on Oslo Road, just a 15-minute walk from the Berliner Unterwelten Museum. The interactive exhibition of interesting urban planning and architecture is aimed at children between 3 and 11 years old. The extraordinary meets industry: the Designpanoptikum on Torstraße presents oddities of international industrial design. Take a look at the iron lung, X-ray balls and exceptional dentist chairs. Experience vibrant contemporary culture at Uferstudios on the edge of the Pankow and Wedding districts. Their management focuses on contemporary dance, organising concerts, lectures and exhibitions. Berlin's art scene meet at the Institute for All Things Possible on Ackerstraße. The Institute offers artists rehearsal rooms and plenty of room for innovative projects.

Visitor information

The Berliner UnterweltenMuseum is located at Berlin Gesundbrunnen transport hub. You can reach the station on train lines S1, S2, S25, U8, and the ring line. You will find the museum's ticket and book shop next to the southern entrance of the Gesundbrunden underground station (in front of Kaufland) at Brunnenstraße 105. Guided tours are only possible.Tours of the bunkers at Gesundbrunnen typically take 90 minutes. The Berlin Underworlds Association recommends that children are 8th grade (or at least 13 years old) to take the tour, and children under 7 are not permitted. Attention: warm clothes and sturdy shoes are sometimes necessary. More detailed information is available on the home page.

The Berlin Welcome Card entitles you to a discount on admission to the exhibition "Myth of Germania".

Discover the neighbourhood

The area around Brunnenstraße and Gesundbrunnen is also a historical site – as well as a great place for a walk. Take a stroll past its galleries, and its trendy shops and bars.  

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