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Tipps for Berlin apps, blogs and websites

There are many ways of discovering Berlin: thoroughly prepared with a travel guide or an informative website or directly on the spot with a practical app. Along with practical apps for sightseeing, museums, events or travel information, you can also download audio books of literature tips and make that stroll through Berlin into a completely new experience.




Apps for Berlin

Going Local Berlin - die Kiez-App
Going Local Berlin - die Kiez-App © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Going Local Berlin

12 boroughs, 600 tips, 1 app: Discover the capital's neighbourhoods with the Berlin-App by visitBerlin. Now gratis available for iPhone and Android: Download iOS Download Android More info on Going Local Berlin


The free app of visitBerlin ABOUT BERLIN presents history to touch, moving stories and unknown sides of politics, society and history from different periods of time. Now gratis available for iPhone and Android: Download iOS Download Android 


Berlin travel guide app in German sign language

There are many travel guide apps for Berlin – but none had been in German sign language (DGS) until now. That’s now changing with this app available for iPhones + iPads which offers 95 videos that describe popular attractions, museums and parks in German sign language. In addition, the app includes information of particular interest to members of the deaf community under the "Deaf-Infos" category. Download: iTunes App Store

Top10 Berlin - Location Guide

The ten best locations for every occasion at a glance: Users of the free app Top10 Berlin can choose their favourite places, like and share them with friends. The app navigates Berliners and visitors easily from their position to the location. Free download: iTunes App Store Google Play Store

Gardens, Parks and Pleasure Grounds - Lenné App

A Lenné app with multimedia tour of Glienicke is to be expanded in the coming years to a park guide "to go" for all Lenné works in the surroundings. This app shows you the way to the most beautiful gardens and parks of the famous german landscape designer Peter Joseph Lenné. A multimedia guide of Park Glienicke introduces you to the first park Lenné designed in former Prussia. The guide features audio comments, a gardeners quiz and historical footage. A glossary provides background knowledge about botany and landscape architecture. Free Download: iTunes App Store 

komoot Bike Berlin App

What’s the best way from the hotel to the television tower by bicycle? Wherever you want to go, this app will find the shortest way – and taking into account if you want, for example, to go on asphalt roads. Even sightseeing tours without a specific destination in mind are easy to compile with this app. Free download (in German): iTunes App Store Android Market

Bike Citizens app

Once across Berlin: the Bike Citizens app provides cyclists real-time navigation across the city's many bike paths and side streets. Visitors to the city can use the tour planner to set up their own sightseeing itinerary. For more information and to download the app: Bike Citizens app

VoiceMap - audio walks in Berlin

VoiceMap is a walking tour app that provides both visitors and locals with insightful audio commentary, and a free publishing tool for storytellers to create their own audio tours. For more information and to download the app: VoiceMap Berlin


myLike enables you to find, save and share great locations and services within your circles of trust: your friends and network. At the same time You can store great places you have been to or want to go to – and you decide who can see each of them – only you or others. For more information and to download the app: myLike


Tell and share your stories of Berlin with the photos on your smartphone. Using the app Storyo, you can create unique experiences with complete maps and more elements. Download for free: iTunes App Store Google Play Store Fire OS


Wiidii - this hybrid application is the new personal assistant and a combination of human assistance and artificial intelligence via voice control. The app gives you personalized answers and advices you about places you could enjoy. This application is also attractive for business people. According to your needs you can enter dates, reminder, reservations or to-do lists. Download: iTunes App Store Google Play Store

Neukölln - KiezExplorer Berlin

The KiezExplorer lets you take a look behind the scenes of Neukölln, one of Berlins most vibrant and dynamic parts. By providing you with insider information, tips, guided tours and the latest events, the app lets you experience Neukölln in an entirely different way. Download: iTunes App Store


For all who want to explore the green parts of the city is this WebApp perfect: A citymap shows you the way to parks and gardens as well as squares and memorials. There are also information about sights in the surrounding area. for free:

By Berliners for Berliners – Spotted by Locals

Insider tips for Berlin – that's what's promised by the revised version of the Spotted by Locals app. This guide to Berlin is written by those who know it best – Berliners – and is designed to take its users to largely unknown, but very interesting places in the city. The app is map-based and also works offline. Download: iTunes App Store

Veikkos Archive

The Veikkos Archive is a historical atlas and provides information about the history of monuments and statues. The Veikkos Archive is used with the free Wikitude app. The highlight: Veikkos with Wikitude uses the GPS and camera functions in users’ smartphones to display information and pictures of buildings that once stood at the user’s location. Another way to discover the relics of the past that are no longer visible to the naked eye. Download: iTunes App Store Android Market

Storytude Audio-Touren

Exciting audio stories are on offer by Storytude Audio-Touren. Depending on where you are in Berlin, you can listen to a detective thriller story or sightseeing infos and experience the districts of Berlin in a completely new way. For example, "Rund um den Gendarmenmarkt" (Gendarmenmarkt and vicinity) for Friedrichstraße. Or experience the mysterious side of the Kulturbrauerei (Culture Brewery) with the ghost story “Triff mich im Dunklen” (Meet me in the Dark). The tour through Prenzlauer Berg, on the other hand, is dealt with in a romantic manner. For instance, “Ein aufrechter Kämpfer” (A Staunch Fighter) for your visit to the Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge) dives deep into East-West German history. More on free download (in German): Click here!

Website offering smartphone audio guide apps

Anyone can post an audio guide at, as a result it’s a good place to get individual Berliners’ perspectives about their neighbourhoods and favourite places to hang out. The site currently offers several audio guides for Berlin.

Practical Info

Arrival Guide App

Everything you need to know about a destination provided as an easy-to-read overview by Arrival Guide – opening times, population or a currency conversion. All questions answered. Free download (in English): iTunes App Store


This free app will automatically (via GPS) tell you where you are, and allow you to readily find out where the next cash dispenser, restaurant, petrol station, cinema, hotel or supermarket is located. Free download (in English): Android Market

Berlin/Brandenburg – iFahrinfo

This free app helps reduce frustration due to late S-Bahn trains or last-minute train replacement services. iFahrinfo covers more than 13,000 stops and with schedules updated weekly by the VBB public transport system. The route planning feature and the built-in warnings for train delays or service disruptions help you get where you need to go simply and without long waits. Download (in English): iTunes App Store Android Market

Berlin travel info plus

How do I get to Kurfürstendamm? The BVG FahrInfo Plus app from Berlin's public transport company gives you updated travel information for the city's S-Bahn, U-Bahn, buses and tramsn. You can also use the app to plan your route, but also purchase mobile tickets. The Berlin WelcomeCard and the CityTourCard are also available on the app. Free download: BVG

BerlinMobil App

Which is the fastest, cheapest and environmentally friendly way through Berlin? The BerlinMobil App answers the question for you. Whether you are a car driver, using the public transport, sharing a car or a bike - this app collects real time data of many providers like vbb, tomtom, DriveNow, Car2go, Call a Bike, Taxi Zentrale Berlin, ParkU and many more. Whatever transport you opt for, the BerlinMobil App leads you fast and customizable to your destination in Berlin. Kostenloser Download: Berlin Mobil App


The State Statistical Institute Berlin-Brandenburg now offers a neighbourhood data app (KiezDaten App) for the iPhone and the iPad. The app provides information on social structure, administration, politics and economy of the neighbourhood, and answered questions about, for example, the population and density, the last elections, schools and kindergartens in the vicinity and much more. Free download (in German and English): iTunes App Store


You would like to go to a particular restaurant or store? Yelpwill provide you with comments made by visitors before you to that destination, so you can decide for yourself whether the trip is worthwhile. Free download (in English): iTunes App Store Android Market

Taxi Berlin

You’ve got an urgent appointment and you don’t exactly know where you are? Well, now you can forget about such problems. This extremely practical app automatically determines where you are via GPS, tells you how much a taxi to your destination will cost, and sends the data online to the taxi control centre. Free download (in English): iTunes App Store

Tripwolf App

This app combines information from classic travel guide books with tips made by other travellers. You may even – and this is indeed the Tripwolf principle – join in yourself: upload your Berlin pictures or add newly discovered places for other visitors to Berlin. Free download (in English): iTunes App Store Android Market


This mobile app from offers people with disabilities hints for safe and accessible travel across the city. The current city map includes annotations for rail stations, theatres, restaurants and shopping centres for their degrees of wheelchair accessibility. Users can quickly figure out which places are barrier-free and what new places can be explored without further hesitation. Download (in English):

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is an app in which the player’s goal is to design and operate a city subway map. The creators have integrated Berlin as a playable city inside Mini Metro which means players will be able to create their own U-Bahn and S-Bahn grids. Download: iTunes App Store Android Market


Jewish Cemeteries in Berlin

As the most important historic memorial garden of its kind in Germany, the Jüdischer Friedhof Weißensee is also one of the largest and best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe. QR codes are used to provide visitors to the Jewish cemeteries at Weißensee, Große Hamburger Straße and Schönhauser Allee information about the history of the places, the individual gravestones and the people buried there. The descriptions are available in German and English.

South-West Berlin

This app helps you explore the south-west corner of Berlin around the green district of Dahlem. The 90-minute "Nobel Trail" tour lets you follow the steps of fourteen Nobel Prize winners. Text, image and sound files offer in-depth portraits of the life, homes and workplaces of great scientists such as Max Planck, Otto Hahn and others. Download (in German): iTunes App Store

Historic Atlas of Berlin

What was Berlin like in the 15th to 19th century? Using the app “Historischer Atlas Berlin” (Historic Atlas of Berlin), you can virtually promenade through the past of the city. On six historic maps users can follow the development of streets and buildings through the centuries and even locate themselves. Download: Google Play Store

Station App for iOS

With Station App for iOS you will easily find your way around in Berlins public transport network. When you enter a U/S/Tram stop in Berlin, looking for a cool spot like restaurants, museums or doner shops, the App will find everything within walking distance. Free download: iTunes App Store

Berlin Wall

Mauerschau – the app all about the division of Berlin

Through eyewitness reports, archive photos and historic video material, this app makes it easier to visualise life in a divided Berlin. The app offers various tours through the German capital, stories about political divisions and the construction and eventual opening of the Berlin Wall. Download: iTunes App Store

BerlinWallArt: The Wall before the Fall

The Berlin Wall Art app reconstructs the Iron Curtain with the last and most complete photo collection of the Berlin Wall. GPS positioning is used to show where the 330 photos were taken shortly before the Wall fell. Four different tours offer glimpses of what was once the graffiti-covered West Berlin side of the Wall. Download (in English): iTunes App Store Android Market

GDR Dictatorship in Berlin

This app accompanies the user to key places in the history of East Germany's communist regime. Photo and text documents add information for each site, with most sites also having audio commentary. The forty stops can be discovered through one of several self-guided tours or on their own. Download (in English): Android Market

The Berlin Wall

For more than 28 years, Berlin was a city divided by a wall. Today, only a few reminders of the former division between East and West remain in the city. This app shows the former route of the wall on an interactive map. Additional photos, videos and informational texts are included for especially historical spots along the Wall such as Checkpoint Charlie. In "Discovery Mode", you can explore German-German division on your own or follow one of the suggested tours. Download (in English): iTunes App Store


Time Travel at Potsdamer Platz

It only takes a code to time travel: The QR code on the digital cobblestone in front of the BahnTower at Potsdamer Platz takes visitors on a journey with panoramas of the photographer Jacques Obers. The pictures of 1987, 1990, 2000, and 2009 twist and turn with the angle of the user. Link: Time Travel at Potsdamer Platz

The Artguide App for Your Mobile

The Artguide app is a guide book for your mobile. You can download the free app and, once you decide on your destination, can purchase the guide for that sight. It includes an audio guide, an interactive floor plan, an e-book with all the usual guide book information, a chronology, and other features. In Berlin, the Artguide currently has guides for the modernist estates of Schillerpark and Falkenberg. Download: Android Market

me Berlin

me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation has teamed up with freshmuseum to develop the ‘me Berlin’ app that gives visitors a free augmented-reality tour of the current exhibition. Background information, personal stories and videos show art in a new light. Download: iTunes App Store Android Market


tip Speisekarte App

This App will tell you where the best restaurants in Berlin are to be found, gives you the assessment made by tipp gastronomy editors, details of the menu, as well as the shortest way to get there. You can even reserve a table online. Download (in German): iTunes App Store

Berlin Blogs

City life (in German)’s press team reports on Berlin and describes all the attractions that this fascinating city has to offer. Plenty of personal experiences from Berlin. Entertaining stories from Berlin, on art and lifestyle plus lots of exciting tips and ideas. News from the Berlin designer scene. The blog-team suggests places in Berlin and Brandenburg for a nice day out which are easy to reach by public transport. (in German)

In English English language blog with lots of photos and videos showing the cultural diversity of the city. Our editors love Berlin, as you’ll see when you read the blog (in German and English) English language blog on fashion, design, art and style – plus where you can enjoy delicious meals in Berlin. Ecological restaurants, small breweries, slow fashion and green hotels - Good Goal provides personal tips for a sustainable Berlin.

Gastronomy (in German) Author Peter Eichhorn dedicates his blog to writing about Berlin restaurants. With load of humour, he takes his readers on a dive into Berlin's nightlife with reports about the city's bars and pubs. With the motto "whining and dining about restaurants, mainly in Berlin", this blog likes to try out new things. Thanks to the detailed reviews, menus with prices, addresses and links, this blog gives anyone interested an image of the establishments visited.


Berlin Websites

About Berlin The portal of Berlin’s official Tourist Information Service: All the information you need on the city, practical hotel bookings, favourable inclusive packages and ticket reservations. The city’s official portal: Official information of the Federal State of Berlin, its boroughs and public agencies plus lots of infos on the city. Personalized itineraries for Berlin

Magazines Website of the English language magazine