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New Synagogue Berlin
New Synagogue Berlin © (c) visumate

ART CRU Gallery

Outsider art right in the middle of the Berlin art scene

The ART CRU Berlin Gallery, founded in 2008, is the first and only Berlin gallery to deal with so-called “outsider art”. Outside art – or Art Brut as it is called in French-speaking countries, denotes art performed by intellectually or mentally handicapped persons.

Right in the middle of the fashionable gallery area of Berlin, just a few metres from the famous Jewish synagogue, there is now an exhibition venue that closes the gap between the established art world and outsider art. The aim of the gallery is to show types of art well beyond the conventional art forms and currents and thereby provide these artists with a platform for exhibiting their works. Paintings, photographies, installations and sketches are presented in the gallery, the works giving an authentic insight into the world of feelings and thoughts of handicapped or mentally ill persons. About five exhibitions are held here every year.

Opening hours (additional information)
Tue - Sat 12-18